Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Arraignment Procedures

What is arraignment?

After you've gotten arrested in Orange County, you'll  have to go through the booking procedure and then the arraignment. This is the point that it really IS worth finding a good attorney. If you hire a good attorney, he can argue to lower your bail. Otherwise, you're stuck with the Orange County Bail schedule. So, even if you've been arrested for a relatively minor crime, you could be looking at paying an Orange County bail bonds agent thousands of dollars. 

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Financing Orange County Bail Bonds

How to get financing for the bail premium

Trying to finance Orange County Bail Bonds is getting tougher these days. People's credit is in the toilet, so if you have a loved one who gets arrested it is a real challenge to finance that bond. but it isn't all about having perfect credit. In many cases, bad credit won't stop you from financing Orange County bail bonds. What about your stable job history? That is worth a HUGE amount. Other bail bonds financing considerations:

  • Do you own your own vehicle? The title to that car can become a way to get your loved one out of the Santa Ana jail. 
  • Does your home have any equity in it? That can contribute to cover the collateral AND finance the premium.
  • So, say you have no job and your credit is shot. Maybe another relative has a decent & stable job history. 
The representatives at your premier Santa Ana bail bonds company will absolutely help you find a way to get financing. Contact them today.

by Chuck Portola