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Irvine Bail Bonds

When a family member or friend gets arrested, everything can change – we know that at Irvine Bail Bonds. We are proudly affiliated licensed, professional bail agents in Orange County and throughout Southern California, with more than a 15 years of experience! With round-the-clock, always on call bail agents, Irvine Bail Bonds is here to help you!

Domestic Violence, Theft, Drugs, Family Crimes, DUI, Underage Drinking, Assault, Fishing Without a License, Possession of Drug Instruments, Illegal Marijuana, Weapons Under Disability...we see it everyday...and we can help you!

Irvine Bail Bonds will secure a surety bail bond so your friend or loved one can get out of jail and be safely home and back to work or school. "Ours is a Trust Relationship" and we will do everything possible to assist your family through the bonding process. We will believe you, trust you and Pray for You!

We are proud to have built a good working relationship with the main Orange County Jail in Santa Ana, the local Irvine Police Department Jail, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Irvine Bail Bonds is ready to serve you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are never more than a few minutes away to come and post a bond for you in Irvine and throughout Orange County.

How Bail Bonds in Orange County Work

Bail Information

Though the process of posting bail is a critical part of criminal law, it’s also a complex procedure that not many citizens fully comprehend. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about bail. Bail refers to the money temporarily given to a court to get a suspect out of jail. Bail bonds serve as a guarantee that the suspect will appear as required in court on a designated date. If the defendant does not appear at court, he or she forfeits the bail money. In most cases, part of the bond is kept by the court (or a bondsman, if used) regardless.

The legal process of posting and paying bail dates back to the early colonial court system. The fundamentals of the process have remained largely the same. The reforms that have been made deal mostly with which crimes make suspects ineligible for bail. In modern America, almost every suspect is granted bail, except in capital offenses and cases where the court expects the suspect is a flight risk. However, a suspect’s entitlement to bail varies from state to state. After the bail amount is determined, the defendant is allowed to make a phone call to find someone to post bail. Sometimes, this process involves a licensed bail bonds company in Irvine, a third party who posts bail in exchange for a portion of the money, or a premium, that usually equates to about 10% of the bail bond.

The most common types of bail include:

  1. Recognizance - If the person who has been arrested is ROR (released on recognizance), he or she is agreeing to appear in court. The defendant does not have to post bond unless he or she does not show up to court.
  2. Citation Release - If the defendant is “cited out,” he or she does not remain in jail very long. The arresting officer issues the defendant a citation requiring the defendant to appear in court.
  3. Surety Bond -A surety bond is the type of bond that comes to mind for the majority of people. A surety bond will always involve a third party, usually a bail bond agent. The Irvine bail bond agency posts bail in exchange for a premium on the bail bond, taking on the responsibility of forfeiting the bond money if the defendant does not show up to court.
  4. Cash bail - A court orders a cash bond when the defendant seems likely to jump bail. Obviously, for this type of bail, only cash is accepted.
  5. Property bond - For this type of bond, the defendant puts forth his or her property as a guarantee that he or she will appear in court. If the person who has been bonded out chooses not to follow court orders, they are forced to relinquish the property. In many cases, the value of the property must be more than the standard amount of bail.
  6. Combination - Sometimes, the court permits the defendant to post bail while also specifying certain restrictions, such as drug testing or counseling.

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Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds

Arrested In Ventura County?

It is an awful thing when a Ventura Police Department officer pulls you over at night and you do not know why. In the worst cases the evening ends with a booking and a holding cell. This is never a good thing. There is family at home waiting for you, you probably have to be at work in the morning and now all of reality seems to have dropped from beneath your feet. There are companies who work for people in these kinds of situations. It is Ventura County bail bonds provider Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds. The men and women who work at Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds understand the worried look on the face of the loved one who comes into their offices to bail someone out. They see it a hundred times a day. Given the opportunity they will sit down with the wife or mother to walk them through each step of this process and explain all the things they may not understand. First of all they need to fill out an application. This does not mean that it will be rejected. Almost every bond is approved. The next step is to check the information then take the ten percent of the bond as a down payment against showing up in court. The bondsman can either do this at their office or meet them at the jail.

How To Pay For A Bail Bond

There are several ways that the payment of the bond can be paid. Some cases we will take a check by phone. They run it through their system to assure it is good then run it through the bank. Most major credit cards are accepted. Even those that are prepaid will do for their purposes. In some offices, because things are tight for a lot of people they can take a post dated check or they will accept a payment plan based on the income of the signer of the bond. There are times this can all be done over the phone so nobody has to get out of bed to run downtown. After this part is finished they go to the bonding out desk in the jail house and fill out the several forms that are required to let you out. Once this is all done and you are released there are also forms that you must sign. They are your promise to appear in court on the stated day and to answer the charges against you. If you do not appear the person who bailed you out is responsible for the full amount of the bond and the bondsman hires a bounty hunter to find you. After that, life does not look very good. If there are any obstacles that will keep you out of court on the appointed date and time you must notify your bondsman. If you do not he will assume that you did not appear at all. In some cases the bondsman either sends someone or goes himself to see if the accused shows up. There are many local Ventura County bail bonds offices that can accommodate this need. Most of them are able to explain all the steps it takes and how it works. They are friendly and helpful. Remember, the bail bondsmen in Ventura are on your side.

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Orange County Bail Bonds - Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights In Orange County

It pays to be aware of your rights no matter who you are and what you do. If you are stopped at an airport or while traveling, or questioned by law enforcement officials for any reason, you will be glad if you have a basic knowledge of what your rights are and what is and is not allowed. However, while it is important to know your rights when encountering law enforcement, if your situation is a bit more complex for any reason, you should contact an attorney for detailed legal advice.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds - Know Your Rights

It should also be noted that the advice given below is only applicable to U.S. citizens living in the States. If you are from a different country, even if you are married to an American citizen and/or have a green card, not all this advice will necessarily be applicable to you. Find the right advice for your situation and nationality if you want to know what right you have when it comes to encounters with law enforcement officials. In Southern California, your local licensed Santa Ana bail bonds agent can give you invaluable information on these rights. You do not have to answer questions that law enforcement officials ask of you. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Simply let the officer know that you do not wish to answer questions of any kind (although you do need to give your full name if asked). Ask the officer for permission to leave. Of course, if the questions are such that you do not mind at all answering them, then feel free to answer them if you so desire. You can also answer some questions and refuse to answer others at your discretion. This also applies if you are detained or arrested. You do not have to speak to law enforcement and it is often not wise to do so without an attorney present.

Anaheim Bail Bonds - Know Your Rights

If you are stopped while driving, it is important to keep your hands where they can be seen at all times. You are required to show your driver’s license, insurance and vehicle registration if asked but other than that, you do not have to answer questions and the law enforcement officer cannot search your vehicle without your permission, unless there is probable cause that you have committed a crime or that the vehicle contains criminal evidence. Simply state that you do not give your consent to have the vehicle searched. The officer with the Anaheim Police Department, however, can ask you to step outside the vehicle and separate you from the other passengers in the vehicle if he or she deems it necessary. If you are being arrested at this point, you can have a friend or relative contact an Anaheim Bail Bonds agent as soon as possible. If you have been arrested or detained, then you have the right to an attorney and due process. Due process means that you should be brought before a judge no more than 48 hours after your arrest. You have the right to phone your attorney without law enforcement listening in on your call; however, be aware that if you call anyone else that your call can be listened to, recorded, and the things you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Bail Bonds Costa Mesa - Know Your Rights

The rules are a bit different when it comes to airport security. Since 9/11 and other terrorist scares, security at airports, both national and international, has been beefed up. The law enforcement officers there have certain rights that police officers do not. For example, your checked in baggage can be searched at the TSA’s discretion, no matter where you came from and where you are traveling. Your hand baggage can also be searched even if it has passed through the machine without any problems. However, law enforcement is not supposed to base extra searches on your race, gender, religious background, or ethnicity. Experienced Irvine Bail Bonds agents have important information regarding search and seizure laws. Some people have had the very unpleasant experience of having their laptop computer confiscated, or having the officer make copies of their data while traveling through the airport. Whether law enforcement has the right to do this or not has been the subject of great debate. Therefore, it is in your best interest to not have sensitive or confidential files on your laptop if you are traveling by air. Even if you are a law abiding citizen, you most likely have personal files on your laptop that you would not want others to see and you are well within your rights to prevent others seeing them by setting up a secure website, posting the documents there and subsequently deleting them from your computer. For example, if an officer from the Costa Mesa Police Department takes your computer, you can have someone else contact an experienced Bail Bonds Costa Mesa bail specialist. Law enforcement has the right to give you a pat down search at the airport; again, this should not be based on ethnic background, religion or race. You have the right to request that the pat down be done in a private place if you so desire. Law enforcement at the airport also has the right to stop you for further questioning if they deem it necessary. If you are an American citizen, you have the right to have an attorney present during this questioning.

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The Highest Rated Ventura Bail Bonds Agencies

What Is The Ventura County Bail Schedule?

The Ventura County Bail Schedule is what dictates how much a defendant must pay the Court in order to secure release from one of the Ventura County jails. The bail amounts for Ventura County are some of the highest in the Country. For instance, the bail amount for someone arrested for their second Driving Under the Influence arrest can run as high as $25,000! Because the majority of the population can not afford that amount of money, they usually rely on the services of a licensed Ventura Bail Bonds company.

How Ventura Bail Bonds Companies Work

 So, how is a bail agent in Ventura able to secure the release of a defendant from the local jail? Well, first the defendant(or a relative of the defendant) puts up a total of ten percent of the bail amount. So, if the bail is set by the Ventura Bail Schedule at $30,000, the Ventura Bail Bonds company will charge $3,000 to bail the person out. Then, the bail agency puts up the remaining $27,000 itself to secure the defendant's release. The person who was arrested is then placed in the custody of the bail company. What this means is that the person who was just released must periodically check in with the bail agent. The defendant must also appear at all court dates. If the defendant does not keep his/her court dates, the bail agent can revoke the bail of the defendant, and have him/her placed back into the Ventura County jail. The Ventura jail is overseen by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Is the 10% Bail Amount Refunded?

 No; once the ten percent gets paid by the defendant or his/her family, the bail agency keeps that money That is how the bail bonds company in Ventura County is paid for its services.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Santa Ana Bail Bonds FAQ

Here Are Some Answers To Questions On What To Do After Being Arrested In Orange County, Ca.

What is an Orange County bail bond, anyway?
“Bail” means giving security (aka collateral) to ensure a defendant/prisoner obeys court instructions.This plainly means going to required court events or complying with other instructions from the judge. Licensed Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents front the fees for the defendant if the person who got arrested cannot afford to pay the entire amount with cash, but qualifies for their payment arrangements.

Do I get my collateral/security back?
If the defendant attends all court dates and does not violate the judge's orders, you are entitled to your collateral once the bail agency's liability is excused by the court.

When do I get my collateral money or property back?
When the defendant's court case is completed and the defendant has not violated the contract with the bonding company AND you owe no further money, you should receive the refund promptly as required by California law.
 A case can be completed when:

  • Charges get dropped or the Orange County DA decides not to formally charge the arrestee.
  • Defendant is found "not guilty" at trial.
  • Defendant is found "guilty" and later sentenced.

What happens if the person I bail out misses court?
A bench warrant will be issued for the person's arrest and their name will appear in law enforcement systems as a fugitive. The court also authorizes the bail agency to arrest the defendant. The Santa Ana Bail Bonds office will call the person and the references you have given to try to convince him or her to appear. If this doesn't help, it may be necessary to hire bounty hunters at added cost.

What if I have outstanding warrants?
An Orange County bail agency, such as a licensed Irvine Bail Bonds agent in Orange County can often post bond in advance to prevent your arrest, which helps those who can't pay the entire warrant. The professional Santa Ana bail agents specialize in these types of warrant bonds.

What if I have to bail someone out in the middle of the night?
Licensed agents understand that problems can come up any time of the day or night, so they are available 24/7/365. If you get their voice mail when you call, please leave a message with a call back number and they will return your call promptly.

If you have a friend or loved one who needs to get out of jail fast, contact your closest Santa Ana bail bonds agent for help!

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How To Finance A Bail Bond In Orange County

Ideas To Get Funding For The Bail Premium

So, your brother just got arrested for his SECOND DUI by the what? You've checked the Bail Schedule for Orange County, and you find out his bail will be set at $10,000. The premium you will need to pay to a bail company $1,000. What do you do if you don't have the money? You have several options:
  • Car Title Loans - An Auto Title Loan is when a company will use the value of your vehicle as collateral for a loan to you. Payments can be made on a fixed schedule, so the loan can be paid in full in a short amount of time. The upside is that you get to keep driving your car. The downside is that you typically own the vehicle outright, so that the loan company can put a lien against your vehicle. In Southern California, there are several companies that do it. In Ventura County, Aztec Title is able to forward your loan request to multiple lenders. In Orange County, Yelp offers reviews of pink slip loans. 

  • Payday Loans - A payday loan advance is a controversial type of loan. This involves lending money against your future payday. The problem is, they come with HUGE interest rates. 

Whatever route you take to finance a bail bond, whether it's an auto title loan or a payday loan, you'll be paying a high interest rate. It's often better to borrow the money from a relative.

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Overstaying A Visa - Orange County Bail Bonds

One of the most common things that many immigrants are facing these days is illegal stay, also known as “unauthorized stay”. Two hundred years ago, people from Africa were forced to come to our country and work under horrible conditions. Many things have changed since then. We have built equal rights for all our citizens and created a diverse society like no other country in the world. Our country started accepting refuges from all around the world, qualified and non-qualified workers. The time has come that our economy can barely handle a huge migration of people. Many temporary work visas have been implemented. Some of them can be extended, some can't, but none of them would lead to permanent residency by default. The situation is even harder for individuals that crossed the border illegally.

Legal vs illegal entry

An individual who enters the United States through a border crossing and get inspected by an Immigration Officer is considered to have entered the country legally. Citizens of certain countries, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many other (mostly from the western world) do not need a visa if they are planning to stay up to 90 days as visitors. For all others, a proper visa has to be issued before an individual comes to the United States border. Once someone enters the U.S. his visa becomes known as “status”. On the other hand, many individuals enter the country without proper documentation, many times risking their lives going through the desert, crossing rivers, often without food and water for many days. All of that just to find a better life. They also become victims of human trafficking.

Visa extension and change of status

Many individuals who already entered the U.S. have decided to proceed with as many extensions of their status as they legally can. A good example would be a foreign student who entered on J1 visa to work during the summer and decided to stay longer. This type of visa could not be extended, but an individual would be able to change his status to some other type of visa, like a B2 visa, which gives him the right to travel but not to work for an additional six months. However, we are not the country that automatically grants permanent residency after couple of years of being here, so at one point an individual will run out of all “temporary” options and he will have to leave the country. At that point, some people comply with the terms and leave, but some of them decide to stay without permission. Overstaying is almost the same as illegal entry and an individual might face deportation. Overstaying also leads into further consequences, such as a ban of entering the country at a later date. If someone overstays for more than six months, he will have a ban of entering the country for five years. For overstaying more than a year, this ban goes to 10 years.

Possible relief 

Options of obtaining a relief after overstaying or entering the U.S. illegally are “everything or nothing”. No temporary visa is available beyond that point, so options are usually limited to adjustment of status to permanent residency based on employment or family petition and asylum seeking.
One thing that can cause a problem is if the immigrant commits a crime. For example, if the Orange County Sheriff's Department arrests an immigrant for Driving Under the Influence, this may put the legal status in jeopardy. If this happens,make sure the immigrant contacts an Orange County DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Green card based on employment as a form of relief

This is the one of most common ways that many workers try to get to. In reality, there is an annual quota for qualified and non-qualified workers set in place. Waiting for “the number” might take more than 10 years and there is no visa which would keep someone that long in the country. In addition to that, the company that filed for an alien has to “survive” through the whole process and prove that no U.S. citizen or resident was available to take that position. The very first step would be obtaining “Certificate from Department of Labor” and then waiting for quota for many years. It appears as a long, expensive and stressed process.

Adjustment of status based on family relation

Only spouse and parents of U.S. citizen have visa immediately available. the term “immediately available” means that there is no annual quota of how many individuals can obtain permanent residency per year. Very important thing is that the marriage entered with U.S. citizen has to be real, which means that the marriage cannot be made for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits. Individuals who decide to enter any type of “deal”, just to get a “green card” are subjects to 5 years of Federal imprisonment. In reality, soon after they get “cut”, they agree with deportation as some type of “plea bargain”, in the order to avoid this long sentence. Even the ones that “tricked” authorities and obtained paperwork based on false marriage are subject to deportation. Sisters and brothers of U.S. citizens have to wait for quota.

Asylum seekers

Seeking asylum means that an individual has life threatening conditions in his country. While many people in reality run away from the war just to save their lives, some other try to take advantage and give false statements just to obtain residency or avoid deportation. It is worth to mention that an individual has a year after entering the country to apply for asylum. After the year has expired, it is still possible to file for asylum, but even if granted – it would be just “withholding of removal”. Beyond the “year”, situation and circumstances in individual’s country have to be very different - worse (war started etc) than during the first year of residency in the order for asylum to be approved. Many people believe that poverty is a reason good enough for asylum seeking, but asylum based on financial circumstances and poor economy in seeker’s country does not exist.

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