Thursday, December 19, 2013

Orange County Sexual Assault Suspect In Court

Suspect in 2 Orange County assaults is now in OC Court

They finally captured the guy who sexually assaulted 2 women; 1 outside an Anaheim church, and another at a Santa Ana mall. He's now looking at serving a long prison sentence. The Orange County DA also threw in charges of grand theft auto, kidnapping, battery, and a bunch of other charges.
As it stands now, the suspect, 18 year old Raymond Boykin is the sole suspect in the 2 assault cases. Read the full story here.....

Boykin is pictured above.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Orange County Death


A very strange death in Cypress. Although the officers who first entered the house knew she didn't die of natural causes, no cause of death has been released. The Cypress Police are being assisted by investigators from the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Check back for updates to this story. It's also written about in the Anaheim Bail Bonds crime blog. A link on our G+ also points to the story.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Woman in Santa Ana Killed; Young Child Injured.


Nasty business. Reads like maybe she was tossed right out of the car. 

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What a brutal crime: A man in Anaheim stabbed his mother to death, then called the police. The Anaheim Police showed up and arrested him for murder. His Mom was initially alive when police got there, but ended up dying at an Orange County Hospital. I wonder what his mind was telling him while he was slicing and dicing. Obviously no Anaheim Bail Bonds company is interested in this case.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2 Men From Anaheim Busted


2 men, 1 guy a 26 year old, and his 60 year old uncle are arrested in Orange County. Both men are residents of Anaheim. Child molestation charges, so it looks like these 2 are going down for the count. 
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Happens When You Need Bail Bonds in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

If you're arrested for a crime in Santa Ana, Anaheim, or anywhere in Orange County, California, there's a few things you should be aware of. If the Santa Ana Police arrest you, you want to have a loved one contact a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company as soon as possible. Some reasons for this:
  • If you contact a bail bonds company in Santa Ana before you are transferred to the Orange County Central Jail Complex, you'll be out much faster.
  • Once you get transferred to IRC, it can take up to 10 hours to get bailed out.
  • If you're still at the Santa Ana Police station, you can get bailed out within the hour.
  • Besides dealing with getting a bail bonds agent, you'll also need to contact an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney.
If you're in a different city, you can still contact a bail bonds company:
  • If you need an Anaheim Bail Bonds company, you can get help.
  • If you need to locate an inmate in the Orange County court system, you can do that as well.
  • If you need a Newport Beach Bail Bonds company, you should contact  them as soon as possible.
  • To contact an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, there are lots of them around.
There is a huge amount of information out there when you've been arrested. There are articles on:
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Santa Ana Bail Bonds is on FaceBook

Santa Ana Bail Bonds is now on Facebook. Feel free to check us out.

Federal Bail Bonds in Orange County

Immigration Bonds in Orange County

Federal bail bonds are most likely the most critical and dangerous types of bail bonds, they are by far the riskiest type of bond. You would be amazed, consequently, how few individuals completely understand the distinctions between a federal bail bond and typical California State or Orange County bail bonds. Every time a federal criminal offense happens, it is going to set you back plenty of dollars to get a person discharged from the Santa Ana Jail, mainly considering that the criminal offense is so critical and there is substantial danger to the community if the convict is allowed to go out of prison, even for a limited time. As a result, considering that the bail cost is really at a high level, bail bond companies will need you to put in more than they would typically request, proportionally speaking. Rather than the common 10% deposit, you are looking at anything a lot more like fifteen percent because of:
  • the additional chance of the suspect fleeing the country.
  • the possibility of never recovering the bond money
  • forfeiting the bail bond money to the court
  • the chance that the suspect may disappear to a country with no extradition treaty with the US

Not merely will you need to place down additional money, you will also need a substantial quantity of assets to put up as collateral. In federal instances, when bail is requested, a hearing is going to be scheduled where the co-signer of the bond (Indemnitor) will be requested to generate evidence that adequate collateral is available to pay for the entire cost of the bail bond. In case this may not occur, the bail merely won't be submitted, and the process will have to be looked at from a different angle.

As you can notice by now, there are massive variations when working with federal situations, and you may come across some Santa Ana Bail Bonds companies that won't assume that level of risk and definitely will pleasantly request you contact a different bail bonds company. This should not shock you, and it's most likely for the benefit of all anyhow. Try to get on speaking terms with a company that has plenty of knowledge in dealing with a federal bail bond, mainly because in the end this will help the entire court process go more smoothly.

In case you are bailing a person out soon after they've perpetrated a federal criminal offense, you have to be capable of trusting the person. Don't help bail the detainee out if you believe you are endangered, or when you believe it's your responsibility; keep in mind, it's your hard-earned money at risk and there is nothing more serious than suffering the tension of a federal criminal vanishing once their bail has been paid for by you. Not only bail agent, but the suspect's Orange County criminal defense attorney as well have their money at risk.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Arguments Against Bail Bonds

So, there ARE some valid arguments against commercial bail bonds:

  • they release repeat offenders back into the community to commit more crimes
  • they're profit driven, therefore open to serious abuse
  • the victims of the release of these detainees may be in danger
  • In Santa Ana especially, the release of known gang members who immediately flee to Mexico
All valid arguments, with valid concerns. And worth looking into.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Operation "Smokin' Aces" Cracks Down in Santa Ana

An operation by multiple law enforcement agencies that has been going on for more than 2 yrs has ended with the indictments of 129 individuals that law enforcement say are section of a Southern California street gang that is connected with the infamous Mexican Mafia.
 The FBI claims the operation, named Operation Smokin' Aces, concluded on 9/24/2013 with authorities spreading out across Southern California to produce a total of more than 100 arrests. Law enforcement say undercover brokers purchased nearly 100 guns, seized 22 lbs of methamphetamine and lesser quantities of heroin and cocaine in the course of the investigation.
 The FBI claims most of the federal indictments concerned the trafficking of drugs. The LA Times reported that a 28-year-old female's body was discovered underneath a Newport Bay bridge on Labor Day was among individuals outlined in the indictments.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Violent Crime Down in Santa Ana - Part 2

On other occasions, Santa ana Detectives grab a lucky break and gang members make a decision to cooperate and testify against their fellow gang associates in trade for their freedom. A former Santa Ana gang member who requested anonymity on account of basic safety fears was the driver in three separate car-to-car shootings from rival gang members in the early 2000s. Most of the shootings have been lethal. The 27-year-old joined his neighborhood gang when he was in his teens. He stated he was looking for safety from gang associates who harassed him daily on his travels to and from his middle school. "At time it was a no-brainer," he reported. "They confirmed me really like." He was 17 a long time ago when he went on his what he called his first true "mission" to get rid of on sight any rival gang member. "When you get rid of somebody, your homies give you much more respect," he reported. "That's what I preferred during the time." The gang member was eventually arrested for committing other gang-related crimes and was later connected on the 3 murders. He remembers sitting down in jail and knowing he was planning on being given a conviction 25 yrs to the day he dies living in jail. He did not want his son to be raised with no father. "It was a large awakening for me, and clearly after that I mentioned 'this just isn't for me' and it was at that time I commenced cooperating," he explained. He testified in a few trials and only had to spend a total of 4 years in jail. Considering back again to his gangster times and also the crime-filled lifestyle he led, he stated: "It's truly a ridiculous game. You happen to be battling for an avenue which is not yours ... . It's a silly video game." Home Page Click here for Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Monday, September 23, 2013

Violent Crime Down in Santa Ana - Part 1

Santa Ana law enforcement officials say they have viewed a around 40 p.c lower in violent gang crime up to now this year and hope to keep gang killings at amounts not seen in additional than the usual 10 years. In 2011, the city noticed a 45 percent drop in gang-related homicides, one of the most sizeable reduction since 2006.Write-up Tab: A Santa Ana gang suppression officer walks a man arrested on an impressive warrant to an awaiting patrol car or truck for transport to jail in this photograph from December 2011. A Santa Ana gang suppression officer walks a man arrested on an excellent warrant to an awaiting patrol automobile for transport to jail in this particular photograph from December 2011. FILE Picture: MICHAEL GOULDING, THE ORANGE COUNTY Sign up Much more Pictures » Now, with gang homicides nearly back again to levels not found given that 2000 in a very metropolis that's dwelling to some 5,000 documented gang associates, top rated brass in the Santa Ana Law enforcement Section are being identified for efforts to stamp out gang violence - historically a difficult undertaking because of the reluctance of witnesses to stage ahead out of fear of retaliation.Law enforcement Main Paul M. Walters was presented having a Distinguished Support Award through the Orange County Gang Investigators Association for his department's achievements in battling gang-related crime.Within an interview this week, Walters mentioned it is specific to be identified by the association, which is created up of about 450 associates from all through Southern California and concentrates on strengthening the investigative attempts from gangs. "To me, it is specifically awesome when you have the individuals which have been truly accomplishing the get the job done figure out you," Walters claimed. When Walters was appointed main of law enforcement in 1988, gang criminal offense was exploding across the state. "It was such as this phenomenon that just swept throughout the us," Walters stated. "Even compact towns had been just having terrible gang crimes, and most people was endeavoring to reply to it and attempting to determine out how to proceed." To overcome the growing gang violence, Walters fashioned Orange County's to start with and only Gang Homicide Unit and partnered intently with parole and probation officers, the District Attorney's Business office and also the FBI. Afterwards, he hired an in-house firearms specialist and fashioned a full-time SWAT group to handle essentially the most violent criminals. Walters explained the obstacle is attempting to maintain evolving and changing crime-fighting strategies. "It's every thing you may throw at them, simply because if not they are going to ruin your community and that's real regardless of what town you visit," Walters reported. "You should not be scared within your everyday living and terrorized by gangsters." Santa Ana - which has a inhabitants of about 325,000 - also has probably the most gangs, with practically one hundred recognized. Gang murder detectives investigated 6 murders in 2011. 4 have already been solved, officials said. There are a few gang-related murders so far this year. Two keep on being unsolved. The unit solves sixty six percent of the homicides investigated, which happens to be over the FBI's national normal, claimed Sgt. Lorenzo Carrillo, who heads the department's gang investigative unit. "Everyone we have now in the Gang Murder Unit has labored to be a gang suppression officer (and it has) centered on gangs to be a patrol officer, so they use a extended history along with the gangsters and they are able to take a seat throughout the table instead of only discuss about what took place in that particular case though the history, the rivalries, the who's who," Carrillo claimed. Contact us at Affordable Santa Ana Bail Bonds when you need us.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Santa Ana Arrest Procedure

As soon as somebody in Santa Ana is charged because of the police, a unique and interesting set of circumstances follow. The Santa Ana Police should comply with legitimate treatments during the actual police arrest procedure, as well as on many other levels along the route to essentially inserting a think within arrest.

A good police arrest occurs whenever police take a person in custody in Orange County and is also just one step away from being able to contact a Santa Ana Bail Bonds Company, tend to be not liberated to vanish in the arresting police officer.

Inside 1966, the particular U. Azines. Best Court docket reigned over within Miranda versus. Arizona ( az ), that suspects who are underneath police arrest for feeling of obtaining committed a offense have a number of privileges that need to be explained to these ahead of virtually any questioning may come about. Your privileges are designed to protect ones to get rid self-incrimination beneath the 5th Amendment  on the U.S. Constitution. There are all 5 unique privileges, known as the particular "Miranda Rights". At this point, you may want to have a family member contact a bondsman in Orange County.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Procedure

Many people undergo all of their lifetime without ever having to hold the merest learning about what a bail bond is or the way the bail bonds process operates. There actually isn’t a good deal of need for you become acquainted with what bail is if you have never been arrested in Orange County, or have never got a call from your pal requesting help get free from the Santa Ana jail. The bottomline is, a bail bond is a lawfully holding deal that works as a promise a defendant will go to necessary court procedures linked to the charges filed towards them and, subsequently, will likely be free of jail while awaiting court.

Arrested In Santa Ana

When a person is arrested in Santa Ana, they're taken to a local prison to be booked, processed, and given the chance to contact a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company. At that time, the criminal offense he or she has been charged with is referenced against Orange County's Bail Schedule, and bail will be set based on the charges. From that point the defendant has two choices when it comes to stepping out of jail: either post the total bail amount to the court or work with a bail bondsman. The offender could possibly get away from prison by paying just 10% of the full amount of their bail to a Santa Ana Bail Bondsman if a bondsman is utilized. That money, however, is a fee incurred by the company for their Financial Assistance and is not refundable.

Using an Orange County Bail Bondsman

It's more common than not using a bail bonds company in times such as this. Bail in California is the highest in the nation. That's the explanation behind that. If someone’s bail has been set at $50,000, which is very typical, many people do not have that full sum on hand to post to the court. Placing $5,000 on a credit card, nonetheless, may be achievable.

In addition there are folks called bond’s indemnitor. They are the people who are defendant’s friend or family member who helps secure the bail bond and agree to ensure the Detainee will show up for his or her court dates. Helping somebody obtain a Santa Ana bail bond is a lot less complicated than you may think, but you’ll wish to keep in mind that you are assuming some duty by signing the bail bonds contract. Be sure to ask the bail bondsman you are working with just before advancing if you have more queries about what a bail bond is, how the bail bonds process works or just what it means to become an indemnitor.