Thursday, September 19, 2013

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Procedure

- See more at: Many people undergo all of their lifetime without ever having to hold the merest learning about what a bail bond is or the way the bail bonds process operates. There actually isn’t a good deal of need for you become acquainted with what bail is if you have never been arrested in Orange County, or have never got a call from your pal requesting help get free from the Santa Ana jail. The bottomline is, a bail bond is a lawfully holding deal that works as a promise a defendant will go to necessary court procedures linked to the charges filed towards them and, subsequently, will likely be free of jail while awaiting court.

Arrested In Santa Ana

When a person is arrested in Santa Ana, they're taken to a local prison to be booked, processed, and given the chance to contact a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company. At that time, the criminal offense he or she has been charged with is referenced against Orange County's Bail Schedule, and bail will be set based on the charges. From that point the defendant has two choices when it comes to stepping out of jail: either post the total bail amount to the court or work with a bail bondsman. The offender could possibly get away from prison by paying just 10% of the full amount of their bail to a Santa Ana Bail Bondsman if a bondsman is utilized. That money, however, is a fee incurred by the company for their Financial Assistance and is not refundable.

Using an Orange County Bail Bondsman

It's more common than not using a bail bonds company in times such as this. Bail in California is the highest in the nation. That's the explanation behind that. If someone’s bail has been set at $50,000, which is very typical, many people do not have that full sum on hand to post to the court. Placing $5,000 on a credit card, nonetheless, may be achievable.

In addition there are folks called bond’s indemnitor. They are the people who are defendant’s friend or family member who helps secure the bail bond and agree to ensure the Detainee will show up for his or her court dates. Helping somebody obtain a Santa Ana bail bond is a lot less complicated than you may think, but you’ll wish to keep in mind that you are assuming some duty by signing the bail bonds contract. Be sure to ask the bail bondsman you are working with just before advancing if you have more queries about what a bail bond is, how the bail bonds process works or just what it means to become an indemnitor.

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