Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Violent Crime Down in Santa Ana - Part 2

- See more at: http://helplogger.blogspot.com/2012/03/add-facebook-like-button-below-post.html#sthash.9qCylZ7C.dpuf On other occasions, Santa ana Detectives grab a lucky break and gang members make a decision to cooperate and testify against their fellow gang associates in trade for their freedom. A former Santa Ana gang member who requested anonymity on account of basic safety fears was the driver in three separate car-to-car shootings from rival gang members in the early 2000s. Most of the shootings have been lethal. The 27-year-old joined his neighborhood gang when he was in his teens. He stated he was looking for safety from gang associates who harassed him daily on his travels to and from his middle school. "At time it was a no-brainer," he reported. "They confirmed me really like." He was 17 a long time ago when he went on his what he called his first true "mission" to get rid of on sight any rival gang member. "When you get rid of somebody, your homies give you much more respect," he reported. "That's what I preferred during the time." The gang member was eventually arrested for committing other gang-related crimes and was later connected on the 3 murders. He remembers sitting down in jail and knowing he was planning on being given a conviction 25 yrs to the day he dies living in jail. He did not want his son to be raised with no father. "It was a large awakening for me, and clearly after that I mentioned 'this just isn't for me' and it was at that time I commenced cooperating," he explained. He testified in a few trials and only had to spend a total of 4 years in jail. Considering back again to his gangster times and also the crime-filled lifestyle he led, he stated: "It's truly a ridiculous game. You happen to be battling for an avenue which is not yours ... . It's a silly video game." Home Page Click here for Santa Ana Bail Bonds

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