Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds

Arrested In Ventura County?

It is an awful thing when a Ventura Police Department officer pulls you over at night and you do not know why. In the worst cases the evening ends with a booking and a holding cell. This is never a good thing. There is family at home waiting for you, you probably have to be at work in the morning and now all of reality seems to have dropped from beneath your feet. There are companies who work for people in these kinds of situations. It is Ventura County bail bonds provider Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds. The men and women who work at Affordable Ventura Bail Bonds understand the worried look on the face of the loved one who comes into their offices to bail someone out. They see it a hundred times a day. Given the opportunity they will sit down with the wife or mother to walk them through each step of this process and explain all the things they may not understand. First of all they need to fill out an application. This does not mean that it will be rejected. Almost every bond is approved. The next step is to check the information then take the ten percent of the bond as a down payment against showing up in court. The bondsman can either do this at their office or meet them at the jail.

How To Pay For A Bail Bond

There are several ways that the payment of the bond can be paid. Some cases we will take a check by phone. They run it through their system to assure it is good then run it through the bank. Most major credit cards are accepted. Even those that are prepaid will do for their purposes. In some offices, because things are tight for a lot of people they can take a post dated check or they will accept a payment plan based on the income of the signer of the bond. There are times this can all be done over the phone so nobody has to get out of bed to run downtown. After this part is finished they go to the bonding out desk in the jail house and fill out the several forms that are required to let you out. Once this is all done and you are released there are also forms that you must sign. They are your promise to appear in court on the stated day and to answer the charges against you. If you do not appear the person who bailed you out is responsible for the full amount of the bond and the bondsman hires a bounty hunter to find you. After that, life does not look very good. If there are any obstacles that will keep you out of court on the appointed date and time you must notify your bondsman. If you do not he will assume that you did not appear at all. In some cases the bondsman either sends someone or goes himself to see if the accused shows up. There are many local Ventura County bail bonds offices that can accommodate this need. Most of them are able to explain all the steps it takes and how it works. They are friendly and helpful. Remember, the bail bondsmen in Ventura are on your side.