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Irvine Bail Bonds

When a family member or friend gets arrested, everything can change – we know that at Irvine Bail Bonds. We are proudly affiliated licensed, professional bail agents in Orange County and throughout Southern California, with more than a 15 years of experience! With round-the-clock, always on call bail agents, Irvine Bail Bonds is here to help you!

Domestic Violence, Theft, Drugs, Family Crimes, DUI, Underage Drinking, Assault, Fishing Without a License, Possession of Drug Instruments, Illegal Marijuana, Weapons Under Disability...we see it everyday...and we can help you!

Irvine Bail Bonds will secure a surety bail bond so your friend or loved one can get out of jail and be safely home and back to work or school. "Ours is a Trust Relationship" and we will do everything possible to assist your family through the bonding process. We will believe you, trust you and Pray for You!

We are proud to have built a good working relationship with the main Orange County Jail in Santa Ana, the local Irvine Police Department Jail, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Irvine Bail Bonds is ready to serve you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are never more than a few minutes away to come and post a bond for you in Irvine and throughout Orange County.

How Bail Bonds in Orange County Work

Bail Information

Though the process of posting bail is a critical part of criminal law, it’s also a complex procedure that not many citizens fully comprehend. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about bail. Bail refers to the money temporarily given to a court to get a suspect out of jail. Bail bonds serve as a guarantee that the suspect will appear as required in court on a designated date. If the defendant does not appear at court, he or she forfeits the bail money. In most cases, part of the bond is kept by the court (or a bondsman, if used) regardless.

The legal process of posting and paying bail dates back to the early colonial court system. The fundamentals of the process have remained largely the same. The reforms that have been made deal mostly with which crimes make suspects ineligible for bail. In modern America, almost every suspect is granted bail, except in capital offenses and cases where the court expects the suspect is a flight risk. However, a suspect’s entitlement to bail varies from state to state. After the bail amount is determined, the defendant is allowed to make a phone call to find someone to post bail. Sometimes, this process involves a licensed bail bonds company in Irvine, a third party who posts bail in exchange for a portion of the money, or a premium, that usually equates to about 10% of the bail bond.

The most common types of bail include:

  1. Recognizance - If the person who has been arrested is ROR (released on recognizance), he or she is agreeing to appear in court. The defendant does not have to post bond unless he or she does not show up to court.
  2. Citation Release - If the defendant is “cited out,” he or she does not remain in jail very long. The arresting officer issues the defendant a citation requiring the defendant to appear in court.
  3. Surety Bond -A surety bond is the type of bond that comes to mind for the majority of people. A surety bond will always involve a third party, usually a bail bond agent. The Irvine bail bond agency posts bail in exchange for a premium on the bail bond, taking on the responsibility of forfeiting the bond money if the defendant does not show up to court.
  4. Cash bail - A court orders a cash bond when the defendant seems likely to jump bail. Obviously, for this type of bail, only cash is accepted.
  5. Property bond - For this type of bond, the defendant puts forth his or her property as a guarantee that he or she will appear in court. If the person who has been bonded out chooses not to follow court orders, they are forced to relinquish the property. In many cases, the value of the property must be more than the standard amount of bail.
  6. Combination - Sometimes, the court permits the defendant to post bail while also specifying certain restrictions, such as drug testing or counseling.

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