Friday, October 2, 2015

Santa Ana Bail Bonds FAQ

Here Are Some Answers To Questions On What To Do After Being Arrested In Orange County, Ca.

What is an Orange County bail bond, anyway?
“Bail” means giving security (aka collateral) to ensure a defendant/prisoner obeys court instructions.This plainly means going to required court events or complying with other instructions from the judge. Licensed Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents front the fees for the defendant if the person who got arrested cannot afford to pay the entire amount with cash, but qualifies for their payment arrangements.

Do I get my collateral/security back?
If the defendant attends all court dates and does not violate the judge's orders, you are entitled to your collateral once the bail agency's liability is excused by the court.

When do I get my collateral money or property back?
When the defendant's court case is completed and the defendant has not violated the contract with the bonding company AND you owe no further money, you should receive the refund promptly as required by California law.
 A case can be completed when:

  • Charges get dropped or the Orange County DA decides not to formally charge the arrestee.
  • Defendant is found "not guilty" at trial.
  • Defendant is found "guilty" and later sentenced.

What happens if the person I bail out misses court?
A bench warrant will be issued for the person's arrest and their name will appear in law enforcement systems as a fugitive. The court also authorizes the bail agency to arrest the defendant. The Santa Ana Bail Bonds office will call the person and the references you have given to try to convince him or her to appear. If this doesn't help, it may be necessary to hire bounty hunters at added cost.

What if I have outstanding warrants?
An Orange County bail agency, such as a licensed Irvine Bail Bonds agent in Orange County can often post bond in advance to prevent your arrest, which helps those who can't pay the entire warrant. The professional Santa Ana bail agents specialize in these types of warrant bonds.

What if I have to bail someone out in the middle of the night?
Licensed agents understand that problems can come up any time of the day or night, so they are available 24/7/365. If you get their voice mail when you call, please leave a message with a call back number and they will return your call promptly.

If you have a friend or loved one who needs to get out of jail fast, contact your closest Santa Ana bail bonds agent for help!