Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Highest Rated Ventura Bail Bonds Agencies

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What Is The Ventura County Bail Schedule?

The Ventura County Bail Schedule is what dictates how much a defendant must pay the Court in order to secure release from one of the Ventura County jails. The bail amounts for Ventura County are some of the highest in the Country. For instance, the bail amount for someone arrested for their second Driving Under the Influence arrest can run as high as $25,000! Because the majority of the population can not afford that amount of money, they usually rely on the services of a licensed Ventura Bail Bonds company.

How Ventura Bail Bonds Companies Work

 So, how is a bail agent in Ventura able to secure the release of a defendant from the local jail? Well, first the defendant(or a relative of the defendant) puts up a total of ten percent of the bail amount. So, if the bail is set by the Ventura Bail Schedule at $30,000, the Ventura Bail Bonds company will charge $3,000 to bail the person out. Then, the bail agency puts up the remaining $27,000 itself to secure the defendant's release. The person who was arrested is then placed in the custody of the bail company. What this means is that the person who was just released must periodically check in with the bail agent. The defendant must also appear at all court dates. If the defendant does not keep his/her court dates, the bail agent can revoke the bail of the defendant, and have him/her placed back into the Ventura County jail. The Ventura jail is overseen by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Is the 10% Bail Amount Refunded?

 No; once the ten percent gets paid by the defendant or his/her family, the bail agency keeps that money That is how the bail bonds company in Ventura County is paid for its services.

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